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Carl Holland has been in the surveying field since May of 1998 and has taken over the company from his father. From basic to to the complex he does it all. He specializes in robotic surveying, RTK and Static GPS surveys, and has experience using 3D High Definition Laser Scanning equipment and Cyclone processing software. He has experience in various types of surveys including mining and topographic surveys, boundary surveys, environmental, design, and construction surveys, interstate cross slope and pavement rehabilitation, bridge replacement projects, and control verification surveys.

Surveying Your New Property?

We are here to help. Need to find your corners? Putting up fencing? Boundaries, construction staking, historical preservation, land clearing, you need it marked we can find it.

Aerial View of Forest
Reading Map

Design Surveys

We're here to help!

Cutting Woods
Numbering Trees

Locate your corners

Topographical Surveying

Planting New Trees
Loading Logs

Surveying for  Land Clearing

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